Pigeons are the calmest species of the world that gives an impression of peace and love. Though they look pleasant to the eyes but still there is a need for protection from the birds especially pigeons. Are you facing a pigeon problem? We can cater to you here. This species is called rock doves and could get challenging to urban areas in transferring the seriously damaging pests.

Are you tired and looking for different strategies of avoiding this problem? Then you are in the right place because the bird control netting has a very advanced and proven strategy to tackle this issue. We may call it the Pigeon Control by Solar panel. Before exploring more let us dig in about the perks of Elite.


Elite Birds Control is a stop where you can buy solutions about your problems. Are the birds a challenge to your property or health problems and you couldn’t come up with one solid solution? We have an experienced team who knows who to save you and keep the pigeons safer as well. We are offering several solutions in Melbourne and Australia. Multiple options are available to deal specifically with your problem. It is assured that you may experience a tailored journey where we let you have a healthy discussion with our team.

All the problems that are related are dealt with here. We take pride in offering the best solutions.

The Convenient Solution

The Elite bird control has turned its focus on the use of solar panels due to various benefits mostly in Melbourne. The solar panels got damaged due to pests as well. Thus, moving towards this solution was problematic as well. Thus, the team here has planned a basic solution that is convenient and affordable to translate easy maintenance due to the installation of solar panels. Our solar panel mesh avoids the incision of the birds into your territory.

The Specialty

Though the birds can cause damage to your roof. And this way they will be causing damage to your solar mesh as well. The pigeons will make nests under the solar mesh and excessive dropping may cause a compromise in working off that plate. We know your concern thus it’s assumed here that we will find a suitable solution for you. Using the high- tech and best proficient solutions will restrict the pigeon entry on your roof that will avoid the damage. Contact the team today and it will help you in finding the best and most probable solutions. As typical problems even demand modern solutions. There must be a detailed approach to all these problems. Though that is not the only solution to your problems it’s the cost-effective and the best one.