Carpet stains and their removal

No matter how vigilant home owner you are, it is impossible to avoid any kind of stain on the carpet. It is the most used piece of accessory in any home. As it spreads over the floor therefore, it receives all kinds of stains stubborn and easy to remove both. Usually the stains seen on the carpets come from mud, spills, tea or coffee and similar. If these stains are not removed well in time they can be really problematic. It is therefore essential to keep the carpet clean and remove the stains on regular basis.

People often think that by merely using the vacuum they can manage the cleaning problems of the carpet. No doubt regular vacuum cleaning can keep away the dust and dirt but it won’t work against the stubborn stains and marks. Even though many brands claim that their vacuums can manage the best but it is not possible to get it fully done. Merely removing the dust does not mean that the job of stain removal in Auckland is done. 

The stains are of several types and forms. Their different types and methods of removal are as follows:

Pet stains

Pets are an inevitable member of every home. They make you feel happy and please you whenever you like. Besides this amazing pet time experience it is important to know well about the stains they cast upon the carpets. If the pet stains stay for long they make things really messy and bothering. Some stains can cause bad odour as well. Thus, it is essential to keep cleaning the stains regularly after they are seen. It is easy to get a stain removal agent from any store. Spray it thoroughly on the surface, rinse it by using the damp cloth. In most cases the cleaner needs to keep the cloth soaked in the cleaner for 12 hours maximum. The enzyme based cleaners can remove the stains and odour both.

Wine stains

You never know when in a party the wine glass would slip out of the hands and spill on the carpet. The easiest way to handle the wine stain is to blot the wine as soon as possible. Use the good carpet cleaner meant for the wine stains. Usually these cleaners need a maximum of five minutes to keep the things going. Let the blot stay in place for some time. Once blotted start removing the residue with the help of the damp cloth.

Coffee stains

Coffee stains are next to the wine stains in the list of carpet stains. The process is similar to the wine stain removal as well. Blot it thoroughly and then spread the mixture made of liquid dish soap, white vinegar and warm water with the help of a clean sponge. Start adding the mixture in small amounts and then blot it with a dry cloth. Once done clear the remaining with sponge and cold water. Blot it thoroughly once again.

These are some simple ways to clean the carpets. In case the stains are stubborn enough to be removed just contact commercial carpet cleaners.