smp hair tattoo

Ladies usually have truly little to worry about. Apart from their regular routine, women require some special dedicated time to look after themselves and pamper themselves. Women sure do require some maintenance and upkeep from time to time to keep looking ravishing. Men unfortunately are expected to look perfect all the time without any special effort. Men in the past were not expected to look after the way they present themselves and be conscious of how they look. Men used to get bald in the past too, but they did not bother much about it. They took it as a natural process and just went with the flow by accepting their fading hairline as a natural process just like greying of the hair.

In present, the pressure to look perfect and impeccable at every given time has multiplied by a hundred. A constant presence on the social media and uploading of pictures and life events on these social applications has made many people conscious of how they look. Men with the fading hairline and thinning crown often get the urge to fix it and get some cosmetic treatment done to give the illusion that they have a full head of hair. Smp hair tattoo is basically just a type of tattoo that is done on your scalp instead of your skin. This procedure requires an extremely steady hand and expert level expertise as smp hair tattoo is an extremely hard skill. People who wish to get a hair tattoo and are still in search of information about it may read this article further to get familiar with this concept.

  • The process

The process of smp hair tattoo is just like getting a tattoo on the skin but it requires some expert-level attention to detail. The tattoo artist replicates the hair follicles and gives it a natural pattern to make it look realistic. This tattoo is done on the upper layer of the skin called the epidermis and requires an incredibly soft and gentle hand. Mimicking the natural hair follicle pattern might be a bit difficult that is why there are very few people doing this procedure.

  • Cover up

It should be made clear that smp hair tattoo is not in any way a treatment for baldness or hair thinning instead it is basically just a cover-up. It does not require any maintenance like hairpieces or wigs as it is literally tattooed on to the head. It provides a pretty close to the natural cover-up that is quite hard to spot.

  • Expensive

Smp in melbourne process is a costly process and can be quite a dent in your pocket. If you really want to get this procedure done, taking a rough estimation of the whole process from a hair clinic might be a good idea.