Exercise during or after pregnancy may seem like an outpatient concept, but it’s something you should do on women’s active to-do list. You can ask for your doctor’s consent during pregnancy. However, postpartum exercise for six weeks after delivery is not recommended. You should expect regular cardiovascular and muscle exercises, but there are some gentle exercises you can do right after birth. There is a CEC points for personal trainers which you can take for this purpose.

Here are some exercises for prenatal and postpartum women. This exercise has no contraindications and is recommended for women who need to follow their body’s signals.

Kegel (before and after delivery)

Stretch your feet forward, lying on the floor with your knees bent, relax and let your weight sink to the floor. If you think you are urinating, you can stop the flow of urine. You only need to take a break after the sphincter has contracted slightly. You can start lightly by doing this exercise. Start lightly, move forward, then slowly release. You can sit in a chair or a comfortable position. Makeup to 30 sets of 2 per day.

Leg fetus

With your feet in front of your hips, bend your knees, hold your butt, and slowly lift your butt. You can put your arms aside. Orient the roof so that the boat does not fall to one side. Hold the top for 5-10 seconds and place it on the floor. 15 pieces 2 sets

Cat stretch

Upper muscle: strengthen the abdomen, lower: stretch the waist

Spread your hands on your shoulders and knees with your feet. Start with a neutral spine and keep your head in line with the spine. Slowly rotate the spine toward the ceiling like a cat stretch. Consider pulling your abdomen toward the spine. Slowly pass the starting point and gently arch your back. 15 pieces 2 sets.

Crunch Ball

Place the exercise ball against the wall and lean against the ball until your hips are about 6 inches from the floor. The feet are as wide as the hips. Imagine that when you bend your abdomen forward in a C shape, hold your chin on your chest and let it dry slowly. Exhale as you go, then exhale slowly. There is no need to dry it. 15 pieces 2 sets

The tilt of the pelvis after delivery

Lay your back flat on the floor, with your knees bent, spread your legs hip-width apart, and lower your arms out to the sides. While taking a deep breath in and out, slowly push your back to the floor while slowly turning your pelvis toward your shoulders. Don’t lift your hips off the ground. Make your abdomen as stable as possible. Up to 20 series of 20 compilations.

Postpartum delivery button

With your knees bent, lay your back flat on the floor, spread your legs, and lower your arms to your sides. Take a deep breath and exhale, placing the navel on the floor. Relax and repeat. Think of a flat, compressed stomach during this exercise. The navel should touch the spine.

If you are looking forward to some great natal exercises, then you can follow a pre and post natal exercise course too.