dry herb grinder

Smoking is an addition but some find it fun and relaxation time in their busy life. They can go to extremes to smoke. Smoking can be done from cigarettes filled with tobacco, cocaine, cannabis, weeds and herbs. However, the method of smoke intake can be different from each other. There are hookah and many mechanical machines available for mincing, shredding and grinding of smoking material to make the ready for intake by regular or casual smokers. Dry herb grinder is a portable device that is used to grind and shred herbs that are involved in smoking to fine powder form for smoking purposes. Therefore, it is referred as a grinder tool that is specified for mixing of dry herbs. Another machine called as Arizer solo vaporizer is dedicated for almost same aim of smoking. This is a temperature controlled machine that is durable and is set a particular degree to form thick vapors. These vapors are of smoking materials that are inhaled for smoking.

Dry herb grinder

A perfect weed or herb mixer that is used for smoking applications is called as dry herb grinder. The dry herbs used for smoking are generally large pieces and cannot be swallowed or digested in the same form; therefore, proper grinding is a must. So, dry herb grinder is supplied with blades that could assist in the grinding process. It is not a complex way of making smoking products ready for smoke. It is fast, reliable and relatively save time during smoking.

The dry herb grinder is a cylindrical machine last for long span but this depends upon the quality and number of times the grinder is in use. Blades and teeth of the grinder sharpness also determine the condition of grinder. It is an affordable machine that can be used for homes, commercial places and is perfect for carrying.

Arizer solo vaporizer

One most use equipment that helps to convert weeds, herbs, tobacco and cocaine into thick vapors for smoking is Arizer solo vaporizers. This does not for powder or mist but helps in vaporization of smoking material for smokers who love this type of routine. This machine is made up of Canadian company for smoking applications. The best thing about the use of solo vaporizer is that the vapors created are easy to inhale; continuous delivery of vapors is smooth and is tasty when experienced during smoking.

Arizer solo vaporizer is a great machine which is approved by lot of beginners who have tried smoking for the first time using this machine. It is quite compatible in use with dry herbs as a smoking source material. This is optimized in such a way that works well with herbal stem to create vapor of it.


Dry herb grinder is a machine that is frequently used a herbal grinder that convert herbal parts into mist powder, later use for smoking. Arizer solo vaporizer is another similar tool that allow vaporization of hers and weeds for smoking. For more information visit our website: stonagear.com.au