Kangaroo Island is an island off the coast of South Australia, accessible by ferry from Cape Jervis. The island itself is one of the main tourist attractions in South Australia and offers white sand and clean scrub. This island is home to many Australian natives and wildlife and offers the perfect opportunity to see in nature. Tourists visiting Kangaroo Island return to nature and enjoy activities such as camping, picnics, kayaking, surfing, fishing, sandboarding and quads. The island gives visitors a chance to avoid it all and avoid the crowds with its rugged coastline and stunning scenery. Kangaroo Island has amazing seafood restaurants and local products like eucalyptus oil and pure organic honey. Visitors can choose to take a guided kangaroo Island one day tour from Adelaide or drive by car on your own.

There are so many beaches and activities that are difficult to start, so these are some of the best things to see about Kangaroo Island. 

Vibon Bay 

On the south side of the island, Vivonne Bay has a long, winding white sand beach and has been voted the best beach in Australia. It is not difficult to know why the dusty white sand is so small that it accumulates under your feet and feels like turquoise water somewhere in the Caribbean. Vivonne Bay is ideal for a day of the picnic, surfing and a calm day at sea. 

Seal Bay

At Seal Bay, sunbathing on the beach is just a few meters from Australian sea lions. It is an amazing opportunity to get up close to sea lions in the wild while relaxing on the sand with young children. The guided tour group is accompanied by a national park ranger who tells you about the seal colony and how they are here. As the sand rolls, it stops feeding in the sea, looks at them, takes photos, and watches the waves.

Incredible rocks

The incredible rock formations of Flinders Chase National Park are not called ‘incredible’. The oddly-shaped rocks have been naturally carved by wind, rain, and rain for millions of years, but they appear to have been formed by professional sculptors. This unstable rock gives you a chance to take pictures with orange moss, giving you a brilliant blue sky and vivid contrast. It is also a great place to take imaginative photos. You can jump into the air and go up. 

Little Sahara sandboarding 

Board and sand board in Little Sahara near Vivonne Bay. Similar to snowboarding, but without snow, you tread the steep dunes to the bottom. Relaxing on the dunes will make you feel fun again.

Kingscote, pelican feeding 

Pelican Man feeds pelicans at 5 o’clock every day at Kingscote Wharf and has fun and entertaining conversations over the microphone. Many tourists arrive at the pier and are surrounded by hundreds of pelicans at lunchtime. The cost of the show is $ 2.

Eucalyptus distillery 

Visit the Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Distillery to learn how to make and boil eucalyptus oil. Smell eucalyptus floating in the air and buy eucalyptus products like soap and lip balm at the gift shop. The distillery can also see pets feeding and caring for orphaned kangaroos.

Quad Viking and Kayak 

Vivonne Bay’s outdoor activities on Kangaroo Island offer a breathtaking view of the Australian bush by quad bike. If you travel at sunset, you can see kangaroos rubbing at sunset. They offer all the equipment, including helmets, and welcome your first bike. The tour guide provides lots of information about wildlife and the surrounding areas and you can also see koalas, wallabies, possums or echidna. You can rent a kayak and the staff will help you launch a kayak on the Harriet River. After a relaxing day enjoying the scenery, you can walk a few kilometres. 

Hanson Bay Koala

If you have never seen a koala, this is a great place to see it in its natural habitat. The Koala Walks are open every day and you can see the branches of the eucalyptus trees cooling down. Night tours offer the opportunity to work closely and personally with Australian marsupials, as many people are nocturnal and much more active at night. Koalas, Tammar Wallabies, Kangaroos, BATS, Hedgehogs, Quartets, and Bush Stone Cool Lows can survive even after dark.

Visit the island honeycomb

Island Beehive is on the main road to Kingscote and sells all kinds of honey-based products. Kangaroo Island has the only known Ligurian bee colony in the world, and due to the relatively distant location of the island, the bees are disease-free. The organic honey produced at Island Beehive is famous for its quality and purity, and you can visit factories or shops. Try their honeycomb ice cream!

Stokes Bay

On windy days, Stokes Bay on the north coast of the island can provide a great refuge from strong winds. After going through a small rock tunnel, the children arrive at a beautiful hidden beach with a rock pool perfect for swimming. Plan a kangaroo island one day tour from Adelaide so you can enjoy the best of it. Check Luca Lovison Kangaroo Island Hire a Guide to find out more details.